SCS Success Prediction Calculator

Does the patient have a history of long-term opiate use1?

Does the patient have a history of tumor without metastasis?

Presence of polypharmacy2?

Is the patient concurrently using benzodiazepines3?

Which pre-dose group4 is the patient part of?


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SCS success is defined as opioid dose stability or reduction one year after SCS.

1Opioid usage for >90 days within the 1 year pre-SCS period.

2Using more than 5 types of medications during the 3 month period prior to SCS trial.

3At least 1 day of overlap between opioids and benzodiazepine prescriptions during the 3 month period before SCS trial.

4Pre-Dose Groups are defined as according to average daily milligram morphine equivalents (MME) as follows: 1: ≤20, 2: 21-50, 3: 51-90, and 4: >90.

This algoirthm has been validated and published in Neurosurgery.